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There are many options involved when you’re going to choose a new faucet. You have to think about how you want it to work, how you want it to look, and so much more. As we move further into this technological age more, we have more options than ever with everything, including which one you choose for all the sinks in your house.

Faucet Look

It may not be the most important thing when you’re shopping for a faucet, but the way it’s going to look in your house is definitely important. What style do you want? Do you want any bells and whistles? What finish are you thinking about? What kind of finish is on the rest of the appliances and fixtures in the rest of the room where you’re installing the fixture? So many questions need to be answered when you’re choosing a faucet.

Faucet Style

What style are you looking for? Centerset. Single control. Lavatory. Widespread. Vessel. Wall mount. Something else. A combination of a few different styles. Chances are, whatever look you’re going for, you’ll find one in the style you want.

Faucet Finishes

Whether you’re in the market for nickel, chrome, brass, bronze, stainless, or something else, chances are you can find it to match or even compliment what’s already in the room where you’re installing this fixture. The different finishes come in polished and brushed as well to give them slightly different looks.

Faucet Technology

Technology has been creeping into all aspects of our life for years and years to come now, but do you realize that some faucets you’re able to buy actually have technology built into them. They’re not not advanced by the technology they’re made with anymore. The technology is built into them as well.

The technology for motion sensory faucets was invented in the mid 1950s but wasn’t ingratiated into the public until the 1980s. We have touch faucets now as well. You can get one with a LED temperature control. Some come with WaterSense control save up to 20% more water than those with out. With all the bells and whistles technology is coming up with nowadays, why shouldn’t your faucet have some fancy tech too?

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