Plumbing Remodels

Prevent burst pipes and other issues by updating to expertly installed PEX piping.

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St. George Plumbing Remodel

Protect Your St. George Home with a Plumbing Remodel

Many homeowners focus on remodeling various parts of their home, but they never think much about a plumbing remodeling project. As your St. George home ages, it’s important to have plumbers take a look at your pipes to see if you’d benefit from a plumbing remodel.

Since 1996, Thompson Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling has provided professional services and built a reputation as a trusted choice. In addition to delivering durable results that won’t break the bank, our goal is to earn 100% customer satisfaction on every job.

We offer:

  • Free Consultations
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  • Competitive Prices & Flexible Financing
  • Emergency Service
  • The Same Great Rate from 8 to 8!
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Whole House Repiping and Other Services

What kind of piping exists in your home? If you’re not sure, it’s worth having our house plumbing professionals take a look, especially if your home was built before the 1980s. Older homes often have galvanized or copper pipes or gray poly tubing.

Over time, those materials can erode and, eventually, burst. While we’ll be here for you if that should ever come to pass, we’d rather help you take preventative measures than present you with a bill for repairs!

Our whole house repiping service replaces those old pipes with PEX piping, which is durable, reliable, and known to deliver a lifetime of easy maintenance performance.

Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll assess your home and create a custom plan.
  • All pipes that are corroding and susceptible to bursting will be removed.
  • PEX piping will be installed instead.

If you’ve already called us to your home for help with a burst pipe or pipes, it’s a good idea to request a quote for whole house repiping at that time to make sure it won’t ever happen again.

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Our Plumbing Services

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