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Do You Need a New Air Conditioner?

When your air conditioner just stops working, it’s usually pretty clear that you need a new one. However, most units will let you know that they are struggling before they stop working entirely. If you can read the signs, you can replace it before it dies entirely. That way, you never have to be uncomfortable … [Read More]

Four Reasons to Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance in St. George Today!

Did you know that AC maintenance in St. George can help you in a variety of ways? Many homeowners don’t think about getting their air conditioner tuned up or they aren’t sure if the service really offers them any benefits. Here’s why we suggest an AC tune-up at least once every year.  Get Even Cooler … [Read More]

5 Signs it’s Time for Drain Cleaning in St. George

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think about your drains regularly. In fact, many people don’t think about them at all unless something is wrong with them. However, noticing signs that you need drain cleaning can help you get your drains cleared out before they cause major issues at home. If you see these … [Read More]

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Working?

Is your St. George air conditioning not starting at all? Or maybe it’s running but not cooling your home effectively anymore? No matter what problem it is having, some simple troubleshooting can tell you a lot about the nature of the problem and what needs to be done to get your home cool again. Try … [Read More]

Choosing The Right Faucet

There are many options involved when you’re going to choose a new faucet. You have to think about how you want it to work, how you want it to look, and so much more. As we move further into this technological age more, we have more options than ever with everything, including which one you … [Read More]

Saving You Time and Money

Saving is a no-brainer, I know, but did you know that there is a plumber out there who actually cares about saving you time and money! Bruce Thompson Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling LLC does care and we will do what we can to save you time and money. We have the same great rate from … [Read More]

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